British (b.1980)

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Having grown up spending time on film and stage sets from a young age, I began to develop my visual language very early on. 

When I was 17, I seized an opportunity to start working in the film industry. I made tea and coffee and was sent on the usual errands for 'left handed screwdrivers' and 'long weights', but it was from here that I learnt the story telling power of the visual image and the craft behind making them.

After working my way up to Assistant Director over nearly a decade, I was offered a job with an international art publisher, specifically in giclée printing. Already having a passion for photography, I saw this as an opportunity to add strings to my bow at a time when it was still a fairly new technology. One that would later go on to be an integral part of the digital photography workflow and a very complimentary skill-set to have.

Within the company I have grown to become Senior Designer and Photographer working directly with galleries and artists worldwide to produce exclusive, museum quality prints and products for the museum and heritage sector. Trusted in the art world to supply major exhibitions, I have designed, printed and produced a plethora of bespoke products and sought after editions for leading art industry institutions and the company’s own retail website whilst also fulfilling all of the photography requirements of the business.

Alongside my work in art publishing, I have, with an unquenchable thirst, continued to develop my own photography practise. Over time I have come to realise that photography is how I make sense of the world and it has become the language with which I can tell stories and share experiences, thoughts and ideas.

I have a strong attention to detail, a passion for visual design and crafting images and am continually exploring innovative production processes with each new project. 

I live with my wife, son and two cats currently on the south coast of England and am available for commissioned work (editorial and commercial) in UK and abroad. 

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