Storm Shots: Apocalyptic Skies

I don't know a lot about the skies above our heads and the intricacies of what goes on up there, but you and I both know it can be pretty spectacular when things get a little heated - just as a little reminder of quite how powerful the natural forces around us can be.

This last weekend we got one of those little reminders and what a show it was.  We'd left work early, packed up the truck and headed off on a camping trip for Katharine's birthday weekend knowing full well we were likely to see something big from above.  Thankfully we managed to get to our spot, set up, open a beer and get the fire going before it arrived but when it did, it did it good.

First came the wind.  It started whipping up as the rolling cloud in the first shot below appeared over the trees. Apparently this is a type of 'Arcus' cloud which The Cloud Collector's Handbook describes as "the front bumper of a storm cloud - a long, dark, horizontal rolling shelf running along the the base of the storm cloud's front edge"  What came behind it was truly apocalyptic looking like something from a John Martin painting, smothering the sky and blocking out the sunset at quite a pace bringing with it the rain and shortly after a spectacular show of lightning.

From the shelter of the tent we had pretty much a 180 degree view of the open landscape and so a perfect spot to shoot the below photographs of mother nature unleashing some of her awesome energy.  Who needs birthday candles when you have this.