Tearsheet: The Art Fund Annual Review Publication - Double Page Spread

Just in case you didn't already know... "Since 1903 The Art Fund have helped over 700 museums and galleries throughout the UK acquire thousands of great works of art from 2,000 BC to the present day for the public to enjoy.  Getting art into museums is only half the story. They help people make the most of art by supporting the sharing of collections, and through the National Art Pass – a card that gives free and discounted entry to hundreds of museums, galleries and exhibitions.  They campaign on behalf of museums and their visitors to ensure important works of art remain on public display for future generations and each year celebrate the very best UK museums and galleries by awarding a £100,000 prize for Museum of the Year." art fund.org.uk

Each year, along with four quarterly magazines, they publish their annual review which covers everything The Art Fund have been up to from raising money for the purposes mentioned above, to helping support the biggest public art display the country had seen - Art Everywhere.

"Last summer, Art Everywhere took over 22,000 poster sites around the UK with 57 great works of art."  

We had a couple up near us one of which was John Everett Millais 'Ophelia' so one evening Katharine and I went and photographed it under the flyover.

To cut to the chase, The Art Fund ended up using the shot in their annual review as a double page spread.  To see it printed in such a prestigious and beautifully crafted publication was fantastic not to mention an honour having my photograph associated with such a worthwhile charity.

"This year, Art Everywhere is set to be even bigger – this time it will last six weeks, and a fantastic new set of British artworks from public collections will go on display. Plus, there will be a first-of-its-kind exhibition film, shown at cinemas nationwide."  So keep an eye out on http://arteverywhere.org.uk and for billboards and posters near you.  If you're a regular museum or gallery visitor you could do a lot worse than getting yourself a national art pass from The Art Fund available here - the benefits are priceless.

Happy arty summer everyone.