Brenizer Method

I'd heard about this technique a while ago but didn't get around to trying it out until recently.  It seems it's mainly used by wedding photographers but it could be applied to so many scenes.  Basically it creates a very shallow depth of field with a wide angle of view and can be used to closely mimic the look of a large format photograph.  Some blogs I've found on the internets go really in depth calculating the exact depth of field achieved through mathematic equations - thats not really my buzz but what I know is that I love the aesthetic and the inspiration it's awakened in me to try it out in different scenarios.  This shot was just an initial try-out and it came out pretty well although there are elements I'd change up for the next attempt.  Shot with a 50mm at f1.8 comprising of about 15 frames processed in lightroom using VSCO Film.

Here's an edited version of what wikipedia says about the Brenizer Method:

"The Brenizer Method is a photographic technique developed by photographer Ryan Brenizer. It allows for the creation of an image exhibiting a shallow depth of field in tandem with a wide angle of view by use of panoramic stitching techniques in portraiture. The method increases the effective sensor size of the camera.

The process requires the taking of multiple exposures of a scene in a manner that allows for later image stitching using a fast lens, generally of a focal length of 50mm or longer. It is also beneficial to use manual focus, manual white balance and manual shutter and aperture controls to maintain a uniform exposure across the entire set of images."

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