Inspiration: The Challengers Almanac

A rare Saturday morning with nowhere I have to be and nothing I have to do by a certain time.  The perfect opportunity to lay in the hammock with a fresh coffee and draw some more inspiration from this brilliant book - The Challengers Almanac.

It is a new and beautifully put together "curated selection of stories and wisdom written by people who aren't afraid to break the rules."

"It isn't your run of the mill business book. It hasn't been created by men in suits or business experts with 1000 years experience." Instead it's been brought together by a film-maker and entrepreneur, a graphic designer, a researcher, two photographers and a tattoo artist all with a passion for business and finding new ways to make a positive change.  

Over the last year they've collected Challenger's stories and the advice from experts who have helped build Challenger brands and collated them into this, the first annual instalment.  It was launched as a kickstarter project and raised enough money through the crowd-funding website to go to print and I for one am super glad they did.  

If you like doing things differently, creating something that is more than the sum profits you might generate and flying in the face of conventional business methods with purpose and passion then I urge you to head over to and get yourself a copy.


© Benedict Stenning